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Future Ideas for Meetings & Events

Debate Consumerism
Debate Multiculturism
Debate The Effects of religion on gay rights Recently the belief that to be gay is wrong and against the teachings of the bible have been expressed by some religious groups & individuals, how does this affect our society and do they have the right to such freedom of expression, and to try and influence policy making?
Debate What is Religion?
Debate The Social Function of Religion Sea of Faith
Debate Humanism & Existential Spirituality
Debate Religion is no good for women
Debate Can war be justified?
Debate Do humanists have a position on capital punishment? Do Humanist’s agree on everything? what about such issues as capital punishment?
Debate Euthanasia Euthanasia is illegal in the UK, yet suicide is no longer. Do we have a right to voluntary euthanasia?
Debate What meaning in life have we discovered as humanists? Philosophical debate about our search for meaning in our lives.
Debate Religion & Society Imagine that tomorrow religion no longer existed, what would our society be like, what would happen individually and in the wider context?
Debate Religion and Science: Where is it leading to? Religious groups are having more say on such important issues as stem cell research? Are groups allowed to have such influence when there are implication of this for now & on future generations?
Debate Censorship – the right to free speech. Are there limits to free speech? Should there be? What are the distinctions between freedom of expression and incitement to religious hatred?
Debate The pros & cons of religion?
Debate Religion & politics
Debate Religion in personal relationships Looking at the effects and issues on personal relationships where one partner is religious and the other isn’t.

The ministers are in duty bound to denounce all intellectual pride, and show that we are never quite so dear to God as when we admit that we are poor, corrupt and idiotic worms; that we never should have been born; that we ought to be damned without the least delay…. The old creed is still taught. They still insist that God is infinitely wise, powerful and good, and that all men are totally depraved. They insist that the best man god ever made, deserved to be damned the moment he was finished.
Robert Green Ingersoll, “Some Mistakes of Moses”

‘One is often told that it is a very wrong thing to attack religion, because religion makes men virtuous. So I am told; I have not noticed it.’
Bertrand Russell, “Why I Am Not A Christian,” Little Blue Book No. 1372 edited by E Haldeman-Julius.

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