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The Accord coalition

The BHA has long been involved in campaigning for an end to the laws that allow schools with a religious character to discriminate in their admissions and employment policies and to teach a biased RE curriculum. In September 2008 we became one of the founder members of Accord, the coalition that brings together religious and non-religious people to campaign for anend to this unfairness.


Accord has put together a major new resource to help researchers, journalists, campaigners and members of the public to find out about the consequences of current policy on faith schools.

The aim is to bring together and summarise high quality research from reliable sources. With the exception of the 2009 poll commissioned by Accord from YouGov—itself a respected member of the British Polling Council—all evidence in the report is from sources independent of Accord and its members. The evidence is also recent – all of it dates from 2001 or later and the majority was produced in the last two years.

Topics covered include:

  • The impact of religious admissions on social segregation (sometimes called “cream skimming” or
    social selection)
  • Faith schools and school standards / attainment
  • Faith schools and community cohesion
  • The number of new faith schools
  • Faith schools and homophobia
  • Faith schools and recruitment
  • The number of schools of different types, and their denominations

Dossier of Independent Evidence on Faith Schools (2009) (PDF)

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