Anti-Party and Winter Solstice Celebration

Anti-Party and Winter Solstice Celebration

Wednesday, 17th December 2014 at 7:30pm

The Upstairs Room at The Ship and Mitre

133 Dale Street Liverpool L2 2JH

Wishing all Members, Supporters and Friends of Liverpool Humanist Group a Very Merry Christmas / Happy Saturnalia / Cool Yule / Marvellous Midwinter Solstice Celebration / Fantastic Festivus For The Rest Of Us….

We will meet on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 at 7:30pm in the upstairs room at the Ship and Mitre for a short presentation of our plans for the New Year, followed by seasonal celebration.

Don’t expect any food. If you are hungry, come early. There is usually free “Scouse on the House” available downstairs in the Ship and Mitre on a Wednesday evening.

If someone can manage to jam the heater switch on with bluetack or sticky-tape, we may be able to take our coats off after an hour or so.

Robin Ince and Brian Cox have sadly cancelled at the last minute, and the GM Humanist Choir have not responded to any e-mails for over a week, so we may be providing our own entertainment.

The agenda for the business part of the meeting is as follows:

  1. Good News and Bad News: report by the Chair on his recent visit to God Almighty in Heaven
  2. Cause for Concern: matters arising from the recent business meeting with Jesus, Mohammed, Harry Potter and the Buddha in the Crown Hotel on Lime Street
  3. Q.E.D – The Final Solution: how we may finally deal with our idealogical opponents/perfidious rivals/”Very Good Friends” the People’s Front of Judea/Judean People’s Front/Merseyside Skeptics Society
  4. Looking Forward: plans for the anticipated visit of His Holiness the Dalek-Lambanana to Liverpool next year

Blah, blah Bethlehem – the only carol you’ll ever need:

It was a blast singing at Acoustic Amnesty in Salford for World Human Rights Day on Wednesday, 10th December 2014 along with friends from the Greater Manchester Humanist Choir.

Ὅσον ζῇς φαίνου Hoson zēs phainou While you live, shine
μηδὲν ὅλως σὺ λυποῦ mēden holōs sy lypou have no grief at all
πρὸς ὀλίγον ἐστὶ τὸ ζῆν pros oligon esti to zēn life exists only for a short while
τὸ τέλος ὁ xρόνος ἀπαιτεῖ. to telos ho chronos apaitei. and time demands its toll.

Seikilos Epitaph (circa 100BCE – 200CE)


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  1. Great, keep up the good, great work, happy celebration.

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