Christian Zionism

The Liverpool Humanist Group presents:-

Christian Zionism

A major obstacle to peace in the Middle East?

a talk by Hilda Reilly

Date: Thursday 14th October 2010
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Crown (upstairs room), 43 Lime Street, Liverpool L1 1JQ
Cost: Suggested contribution of £2-3

Many Christians believe that the return of Jews to the land of Israel is in accordance with biblical prophecy and a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Christ. Such beliefs are particularly strong among evangelical Christian groups in America who exert a powerful influence on US policy in the Middle East.

Hilda Reilly is the author of Prickly Pears of Palestine, an account of six months she spent in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. While there she spent some time in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, getting to know a community of Christian Zionists. She will talk about her experiences there, as well as giving a broader picture of the history and aims of the Christian Zionist movement, and exploring the extent to which it represents an obstacle to the achievement of peace in the Middle East.

From the reviews of Prickly Pears of Palestine:-

In all the political discussion about peace in the Middle East the lives of the Palestinians and their suffering has tended to be forgotten and Hilda Reilly’s book brings out these human aspects so clearly and vividly, making the reader understand what it is really about. Tony Benn

This book gives a tender human face to the terrible suffering caused by the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Clare Short

Prickly Pears of Palestine is a moving and vivid introduction to the realities of life in Palestine/Israel. Bruce Kent

I thought I was well-informed on Palestine, but still reading Hilda Reilly’s Prickly Pears of Palestine was an eye-opening experience. Craig Murray, author of Murder in Samarkand


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