Faith Schools – Government published a ‘joint vision statement’

The Government published a ‘joint vision statement’ with religious leaders on faith schools in Britain. The document praises the contribution to cohesion, integration and understanding that, it says, faith schools make and suggests the need to expand the number of state-funded faith schools, especially for minority religions.
The BHA today condemned this document, and called the way the Government has behaved in its development and launch ‘absolutely disgraceful’.

To expand state-funded faith schools is to increase discrimination in school admissions against pupils and their parents and to increase employment discrimination against teachers. It means more pupils will be segregated by religion and ethnicity and denied the right to a fully balanced education or to school with children from different backgrounds and learn with and from them.

It is vitally important that we let the Government know how misguided this statement is, and how divisive an increase in the number of state-funded faith schools will be. The BHA is urging all members to write to their MPs to make them aware of their thoughts and positions on this document, and to ask what action their MP intends to take on this issue.

LHG member’s letter to the Guardian: Faith school scandal


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