Speakers in schools

The BHA has many requests for speakers in schools and we know that many local groups and volunteers also go to schools to speak about humanist positions on ethical issues or about Humanism generally. In the past, the BHA has offered training and guidance to speakers in schools and we are now looking at extending what we offer and increasing the opportunities for school speaking

We would like to hear from members who:

  • currently speak in schools, from whom we would like to know how schools contact them and what the requests usually consist of. We would particularly like to receive copies of any presentations or standard speaking notes that speakers use;
  • would be willing to volunteer to help the BHA in revising our current training and advice documents for speakers, which will include the production of standard PowerPoint presentations for speakers;
  • would be in principle willing to undertake the occasional speaking engagement in local schools or other contexts (such as community groups) about Humanism and related issues.

Members should email Pepper Harow on pepper@humanism.org.uk to let us know of their interest and experience (if you’ve already contacted us regarding this you don’t need to do it again).


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