‘Truth in Science’: Victory for Humanist Campaigning!

The BHA has been lobbying the DfES with regard to creationism being taught in schools and in particular the creationist group Truth in Science who have sent materials out to schools. The DfEs have responded by saying they are ‘currently working with the QCA (Qualifications & Curriculum Authority) to find a suitable way of communicating to schools it is not part of the Science National Curriculum.’ The Government have promised to take action in support of our position, but we are being encouraged by the BHA to ensure that they do so.

How can we help to counter creationism?

Write to your MP – Ask him/her to lobby the DfES to alter the National Curriculum for Science to make it explicit that ‘creationism and intelligent design are not scientific theories and should not be taught as scientific theories.’

Find your local MP’s contact details at Up My Street or you can write to them direct from WriteToThem.com


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