LHG’s Charity Launch Quiz Night

LHG charity – Mustard Seed School in Uganda

The LHG’s Charity Launch Quiz Night on Wednesday 11th June 2008 was a great success. Seven teams took part and the winning team ‘Weird Fish’ choose the Mustard Seed Secular School, Busota, Uganda as the charity to receive the proceeds from the evening, but also to be the LHG’s charity for the forthcoming year.

If you would like to find out more about the school go to the New Humanist web site.

From the evening we raised £138, to put this into perspective a one term bursary for for a child at Mustard Seed Secondary School costs £27. The cost for a year (three terms) is £71.

The winning team also donated their prizes back to the fundraising activities – a very big thank you for their generosity.

On behalf of the LHG Steering Group & LHG Members, we’d like to thank everyone on the night for their support and generosity.

The winning limerick, around the theme of the Liverpool Capitol Culture Year, was by Natalie McKenna:

An arl girl from down the Pier Head
Says this culture stuff’s good for your ‘ed
Sammy Beckett, he’s great
Gustav Klimt’s at the Tate
And Macca’s at Anfield, go ‘ed!

Such creativity! & under pressure answering questions at the same time, and that’s not all, there was nine other fantastic rhymes.

Photo’s from the evening


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